Marci Musa / Mars

Name: Mars
Age: 37 years old

Teaching in general is a rewarding job especially when your students appreciate you. I love teaching English because not only am I able to impart knowledge to my students but also learn their cultures. And the best part is when your students have achieved their goals because you both work hard on that. 

Get to know me better

What are your interests?

Music, dance, movies and nature

How long are you teaching (Business) English?
I’ve been teaching Business English for 8 years now.

How many clients have you taught so far?
I have taught approximately 3000 students

From which industries have your clients been?  
Education, construction, finance, health, Tourism, information technology, engineering and retail

Why do you love helping people to improve their English?
What I love most is when my students become confident with expressing themselves in English and it positively affects their work or studies and knowing that I contributed to that gives me so much joy.