Name: Lisa
Age: 31 years old

Get to know me better

What are your interests?
Walking is one of the physical activities I enjoy most while traveling is my newfound interest.

How long are you teaching (Business) English?
Working in the teaching industry has developed me to who I am today. Business English was one of the most fascinating subjects I have ever taught throughout the eight years of my teaching career. Until today, I constantly strive for excellence to provide high quality lessons.

How many clients have you taught so far?
In my whole career, I have taught more than 1.500 students.

From which industries have your clients been?
My clients came from different walks of life, with the majority working in the corporate world.

Why do you love helping people to improve their English? 
Some of the advantages of my job is to help clients achieve their goal. I see it fulfilling to witness their improvements and see them confidently converse in English.